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Technology has changed the way we work and it will continue to do so in the next few years. Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in the day to day running of most small businesses. Using Xero technology can help you achieve your business goals, using a more streamlined process.

We’ve highlighted a number reasons why small businesses should us Xero software.

Work wherever

Xero software is able to run on a number of different systems, so whether you want to use your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet. Xero lets you keep on top of your finances wherever you are! Xero also ensures you and anyone else who needs to access your finances, are working off the same data.

Better cash flow

Small businesses can often run into cash flow problems, not getting paid on time is one of the biggest problems start up businesses face, Xero can help improve your cash flow and get paid faster.

Xero allows you to go beyond using ‘traditional’ paper printed invoices, you can start using online invoices. The advantages? Not only is it faster, you can also track whether they have opened it, and they have the ability to pay you online through your invoices, the quicker the process, the quicker you get paid!

Xero saves you time

Xero’s smart and easy to use software helps you save times. Xero can perform this tedious, repetitive tasks that take you away from doing the things that can add more value to your business.

Xero’s automated invoice reminders can do the chasing for you. If your customer is taking some time to pay you, or you are spending far too much of your day chasing overdue invoices, then invoke invoice reminders is a must have. It will automatically send an email to your customers if an invoice is overdue, or about to become overdue.

Xero grows with you

Whether you’re a brand new business, or already using a number of systems, Xero’s ecosystem can help you. Xero is able to work with more than 500 products so you can craft the perfect solution that meets your needs.

Xero’s add-on marketplace gives you the flexibility to create a mix that meets your business’s specific needs, allowing the software to grow with you and when you need it to.

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