Xerocon 2017 – Phebys – Accountants in Huntingdon

This week, some of our team here at Phebys, Accountants in Huntingdon, will be attending Xerocon 2017 at the Excel in London. Xerocon is an exclusive event for Xero partners. Here at Phebys, we are very proud to be a Xero Silver partner and are greatly looking forward to the event, along with all the opportunities for learning and networking that it will present.

Accountants in Huntingdon

Phebys – Accountants in Huntingdon

Xerocon 2017 will be taking place at the Excel in London and will span over a total of three days, including Xero Uni Day, a whole range of lectures and seminars and, of course, the Xero Awards and Xero Party.

Here at Phebys, we believe in the future of the cloud. As a firm, we recognise both the importance and the value of cloud accounting for small to medium businesses (read our post about it here), and so an event like Xerocon provides a great opportunity to learn more about accountancy in the cloud and to engage with other like-minded people who share our interest and our passion for cloud accounting. The event also offers exclusive content to Xero partners, which provides a great opportunity for us to further develop our insight into the industry and its workings.

Every year at Xerocon, Xero demonstrates and provides invaluable insight into the future of the accounting industry, both in and outside of the cloud. By attending the event, Phebys can benefit highly from this insight and then pass this information on to you, the client, in order to deliver a better service and help your business grow as much as possible.

Speakers at this year’s event will include Rod Drury, CEO and co-founder of Xero; Gary Turner, the managing director of Xero UK; Alexis Prenn, the CEO of Receipt Bank; and James Cliffe, the head of business banking and small business at HSBC.

Being a Xero partner is so important to us at Phebys, because accounting in the cloud is the future of our industry. It’s a simple, secure and convenient way to manage your accounts from absolutely anywhere. Cloud accounting utilises modern technology such as tablets, smartphones, and so on, to provide a smooth and accessible service to anyone who needs it.

The team at Phebys is strongly looking forward to attending Xerocon 2017 at the Excel and we are very excited to extend our knowledge of accounting in the cloud; to exchange ideas with like-minded people within the industry; to further develop the help that we are able to offer to our clients; and to hear and learn from the wide range of expert speakers and panelists who will be presenting and speaking at the event.

Phebys – Accountants in Huntingdon

At Phebys, Accountants in Huntingdon, we’re tremendously proud of our status as as a Xero partner, and if you require any advice on how cloud accounting could help with the efficiency of your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01480 896267 or, alternatively, email admin@phebys.com, and we will be happy to talk with you or arrange a meeting.