Should I register for VAT?

Should I Register for VAT?

13th June 2018

Phebys Accountants often receive questions regarding if and when a company should register for VAT. VAT registration is something that is misunderstood by many business owners for a number of reasons. While many businesses are legally obliged to register for VAT, some may do so voluntarily. So, when must you register, and when might voluntary…

How Do I Find a Good Accountant?

How Do I Find a Good Accountant?

31st May 2018

There’s a lot to consider when looking for an accountant and many businesses therefore treat it just as seriously as hiring another member of staff. How do you find a good accountant? And how can you be sure that they’ll do a good job? Here, we have compiled a list of top tips to break…

Manage your finances with Curve

Managing your Finances with Curve

17th May 2018

Sick and tired of having a wallet full of bank cards? Guess what! You could have all of them in one place, with one PIN number and one handy mobile app that helps you keep track of it all! Introducing Curve, the perfect tool for business owners. With increased security and enhanced cashflow management, a Curve card…

Alternative Recruitment Agency

Are you looking for an alternative recruitment agency?

8th May 2018

Are you looking for an alternative recruitment agency? Phebys Accountants was recently lucky enough to work with Strolling Wood, an alternative recruitment agency with a fresh new way of handling the recruitment process. How does it work? Strollingwood filters down candidates and then invites those shortlisted to record a brief video, answering any questions that…

Making Tax Digital

Is Your Accountant Prepared for Making Tax Digital?

30th April 2018

A recent survey by cloud accounting software provider Xero, with whom Phebys Accountants is partnered, has shown that as many as 25% of accountants remain unaware of the impending Making Tax Digital (MTD) deadlines. At Phebys Accountants, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explain just what MTD is and how businesses can ensure compliance ahead…

Accountants in Kent

Phebys Accountants Opens New Office in Kent

16th April 2018

Phebys Accountants has just opened a new office in Maidstone, Kent It is with great pleasure that Phebys Accountants is able to announce the opening of its new offices in Maidstone, Kent. Despite being originally based in Cambridgeshire, Phebys Accountants has gained a substantial client base in Kent over the years. To this end, we…

R&D Tax Credits

Has Your Accountant Told You About R&D Tax Credits?

28th March 2018

What are R&D tax credits? R&D tax credits appear to be one of the most untapped tax-saving tricks around. R&D stands for “research and development”, and generally encompasses any investment into the development of new products, processes, services or technologies; or the enhancement of existing ones. In 2000, the government introduced a tax relief scheme…

Accountants in Huntingdon

An Accountant’s Breakdown of the Spring Statement

15th March 2018

The Spring Statement: An Accountant’s Perspective It seems like just yesterday that we wrote our Accountant’s Breakdown of the Autumn Budget and, yet, here we are again. The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, delivered his first Spring Statement this week. A lot was covered, and to some people these announcements can seem confusing and it’s hard to…

Accountants in Huntingdon

Phebys Accountants is Throwing a Summer BBQ at its Huntingdon Office!

6th March 2018

Phebys Accountants Throws Summer BBQ at Huntingdon Office Phebys Accountants is pleased to invite you all to an exciting Summer barbecue at its Huntingdon office! The barbecue will take place outside our Woolley Office at 4pm on 21st June 2018. Absolutely anyone who wishes to attend is more than welcome to. Plus, it’s totally free!…

Minimum wage errors

Common Minimum Wage Errors

21st February 2018

It’s not uncommon, for a number of reasons, for minimum wage to be miscalculated, which leads to firms underpaying their employees. This is, of course, something that they can be severely reprimanded for. To some extent, payroll software such as Xero can smooth out the kinks, but some level of human oversight, maybe from an…