Services and Packages

Starting Out

You are likely to be a sole trader or individual running your business, with a turnover less than £150k per annum having been in business for up to two years. Your costs for Phebys service plans will be in the region of £100-£225 per month. The challenges you face are usually around fitting everything into the day that needs to be done, but love your independence, with the requirement of support to help manage your finances.

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Growth Stage

With 2-10 employees, you are beginning your growth stage. Turnover sits between £150k and £500k annually and you have been in business between 2 and 4 years. Your likely fees to Phebys will be in the region of £225-£650 per month. Although your team is strong and a high-performing, tight unit, you have no money, no time and the stress levels are usually pretty high. We will help you to increase your revenue and think more like a larger business.

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With 10-20 employees, and a turnover between £500k and £1m annually, the business revenue is good, but there are a number of challenges that you face. Our support level is likely to be in the region of £650- £1,750 per month, but we will help you manage your cash flow and help you to step out from the firefighting that comes with managing a growing business. Your main challenges will be around staffing challenges, system challenges and cash flow- it is feast or famine with very little in between.

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Larger Business

Expanding to a business with around 20-50 employees, having been in business around 6-10 years, with a turnover between £1m - £5m per annum, it’s time to look at scalability and ensuring profit levels are maintained whilst growth is accelerated. No one wants to be a busy fool! With many of the challenges that faced you as an SME, cash flow remains a challenge, although revenues continue to grow. Your monthly fees for Phebys are likely to be between £1,750 and £4,000.

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With 50+ employees, a turnover in excess of £5m and over a decade of trading experience, times are good. You are able to engage with strategic thinking and forward planning. Your business is continuing to scale upwards. Your monthly charges for Phebys are likely to be around the £4k mark but we will be a fantastic support to your internal finance team.

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