Why is choosing the right accountant so important for SME’s?

Owners of small businesses tend to spend a lot of their time juggling different tasks and taking on a range of responsibilities required to run a successful business. This is often down to limited resources and budgets and one of the many activities they will try to manage alone are their finances and accounts.

Staying on top of the finances of a small business is often a bigger task than individuals appreciate, and that is why it is worth considering outsourcing this function to an expert in the field of accountancy. There are numerous tasks the right accountant can support a business with and selecting the correct accountant to work with is an important decision to make. 

What services can the right accountant offer my business?

Depending on the accountancy practice, the typical services on offer to you will include accounting, bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll. These are the most fundamental services for a business and are all useful methods used to monitor expenses and measure your ongoing financial position as well as ensuring compliance with HMRC. 

Keeping accounts up to date and ensuring all of your employees are paid correctly and on time is onerous besides trying to run all of the other aspects of the business. Choosing an accountant that understands your business and its constraints is key. 

At first glance, the cost of using an accountant can seem expensive, particularly if you feel that you are relatively in control of your finances. However, when you calculate the time spent managing and maintaining your accounts and all of the other associated tasks, justifying the cost of an accountant can be a lot easier. The time you can spend investing in other areas of the business as a result can be vast. Choosing the right accountant will not only save you time, and in the long run money, but also makes for more efficient and user-friendly accounting. 

Can finding the right accountant help your business achieve Tax efficiency? 

Paying taxes is a given for any individual and business but there are ways you can legally reduce your tax bill if you have the appropriate know-how. An accountant can help your business be more tax efficient and reduce your tax burden whilst remaining compliant with the strict tax law. With the right accountant, who constantly monitors their environment you can be safe in the knowledge that your business remains compliant, and you are always taking advantage of any potential tax savings on offer. 

Tax legislation is complex and constantly evolving, keeping afoot with the changes can be difficult whilst juggling the other responsibilities of running a business therefore having an expert you can rely on to do this on your behalf is hugely advantageous. 

Does using the right accountant help save your business money? 

The amount of time and money an accountant can save you has been outlined above along with the tax efficiencies they can help your business achieve. Done correctly, the right accountant can be a great asset to your company and not only help you save money but generate money too. For those requiring a more sophisticated level of financial management, accountancy practices often offer various other services that align with your business’s needs and can provide guidance and support in areas such as funding and investment as well as strategic planning. 

When choosing the right accountant, it is important that you find one that fits with your businesses values and culture and is going to work with your business to ensure your finances are well maintained, regularly reviewed and exceed your expectations. 

Working with Phebys Accountants

Phebys accountants are approachable, cost-effective and service oriented. Our vision is to work hard to deliver to you all the aspects of a traditional accountancy firm, with a focus on you and your business as a unique proposition, With a variety of packages to suit every step of the journey, every size of business and every individual’s needs. Let us help you make more money, pay less tax and enjoy life. For more information about how Phebys can help your business email admin@phebys.co.ukor call us on 01480 896267. 

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